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Planning Sensibly For When the Zombies Come

July 31, 2007

Let’s face it. When the dead start rising, we aren’t going to know what to do. Sure you’ll have read the rules of how to survive in the Zombie Surival Guide, but as we all know, sometimes the circumstances change and despite what the survival guide says, you have to cut some corners.

The folks at Your Mom’s Basement have written some articles about what to do if you are about to be eaten by a zombie and what you should horde when an outbreak occurs. Here are some snippits:

“…I’m a thirtyish office drone who has just quit smoking after ten years, and has been out of shape for even longer. I’m chum. Zombie chum. I’m the guy that will be left behind with a twisted ankle plaintively begging my fellow survivors “Wait! Don’t leave me! DON’T LEAVE MEEEEEEE!” …I fully intend to let my voice trail off like that too, just to haunt their dreams a little. I am not above a guilt trip.”

“…Imagine: some poor, heroic but doomed volunteer fireman is cornered in an alley. Four or five half-eaten zombies shamble towards him, intent on eating his head. His hands will be empty, and as he frantically presses back against that alley wall in abject terror, in the back of his mind he’ll be really, really pissed off that I managed to steal every hammer in town. Sorry, random dude. Maybe you could have hoarded less of the Powerbars.

Planning Sensibly For When the Zombies Come
Planning Sensibly For When the Zombies Come: What I’d Like to Hoard