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August 4, 2007

via The Science Creative Quarterly

“His eponymous coils aren’t the only thing that created a buzz and a sizzle! So he’s been dead since 1943. Minor detail. Nikola Tesla was one helluva hot ticket in his time and no doubt he was well aware of it, too. No matter what the fashion of the day, guys just don’t strike a pose like the one in the accompanying photo unless they know they have got it goin’ awwn.

Here is the rest…

I admit it, I have a huge crush on Mr. Tesla. I always have and will continue to have until I die and (hopefully) meet him. Then we will be together forever! Sigh…look at me swooning over dead inventors. At least I’m not feeling all flushed over Edison. Eeew…

HOT SCIENCE-Y GUY OF THE MONTH: NIKOLA TESLA by Mellissa Bell over at The Science Creative Quarterly