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Currently Reading: Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis

August 1, 2007

Now, he says “Fuck Harry Potter”, but I can’t bring myself to agree. I admit, I cried lots while reading the last book. But anyways…

Angry, drinking, smoking, bastard of the written word Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Fell, The Authority and a shitload of other great comics) has recently released his first novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN, a book that showcases what can be considered by some as the dark underbelly of the sex and crime world.

I’m enjoying it. The message he’s sending out on how even stuff that’s considered beyond the fringe and “underground” is in fact mainstream is a good one and he raises many interesting points in his social commentary. And of course, it has the usual Warren Ellis cynicism that we’ve come to know and love.

read the first chapter of the book here (PDF) and when you decide to own it, buy it here.