Avoiding Clive Barker’s Jericho

October 4, 2007

Yet Another game to avoid because I will be shrieking like a banshee while hiding underneath a blanket holding my Cthulhu plushie for protection.

Clive Barker’s Jericho certainley seems like an interesting game. Centered around the Jericho Squad, a seven-person squad with unique paranormal talents (exorcism, blood magic, telepathy etc.). Oh yes, and they have lots and lots of guns. They have these guns and these abilities so they can prevent God’s first child (the one before Adam and Eve, Fredrick) from leaking into our world and causing all sorts of horrible shenanigans. Oh and I forgot…they have to fight off lots of scary zombies and ghosts. OooOooOoo…..

The story admittedly seems kind of lame but you can never expect brilliance from a first person shooter (Except of course, Duck Hunt) but it IS Clive Barker so it might end up being amazing.  However, despite the possibly good story and what seems like really crisp visuals, I’m not going to go anywhere near it because of the extreme fear I have of waking up unspeakable evils in abandoned caverns. Fictional or not.

Here’s the trailer for it:



  1. Duck Hunt just isn’t the same w/o the gun. 😦

  2. I hate all these sorts of games. I couldn’t even finish Silent Hill 3… Give me brightly lit games!

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