Halo 3’s Museum of Humanity

September 24, 2007

One of the things I love more than video games is the trailers that come before them. That said, I’ve just been looking over the ad campaign for Halo 3 and I must say, it’s one HELL of an ad campaign.

The ads focuses on a scaled-down version of one of the battles in Halo 3 that can be found in the fictitious Museum of Humanity. There, Major Pawel Czernek; UNSC, now retired, looks over the model battle and recalls what happened.

“We’d been fighting for a while…on the seventh day we ran out of ammo. We had to scavange all we could from the weapons that had been left behind. The pistols, shotgun rounds, a handful of gernades…”

The three ads that I have found all center around this kind of Remembrance Day theme which is powerful because it stirs something in you and almost inspires you until you realise that it’s all fictional because as cool as it would be, aliens aren’t at war with us.

here are the three ads. The first one is the interview with the retired major, the second is a montage of the carnage, and the third is a documentary on the making of the scaled down model with respect to those fallen:



  1. Whoever,

    Nothing got me more excited than the ads for Halo 3. They were beyond words. But wouldn’t it be great if there really was a museum of humanity around just for all of the die hard Halo fans. I mean, it could have all the vehicles…well…most of them. Being able to actually grasp the hefty sniper rifle in my hands would cause a wide series of bowl movements. I’m just sayin’, I’d give my left nut to man the Gauss Gunn or Scorpion. Hopefully this wish will come true (without losing my left nut).

  2. I agree it would be great to have a real Museum of Humanity, but I’d be more interested if the museum contained a mixed bag of fictional intergalactic battles that portrayed themselves as real.

  3. yes it would be nice but we would only get one if the covenant actually took over and pushed us to the brink of extinction and we magicly had all the gear and spartans to finsh the fight

  4. were is this place musum of humanity

  5. I love everything about theys ads it amazing how they made the models and they didn’t use the same face twice each of the had there own individual face this is so FANTASTIC and AMAZING

  6. to jesse:
    this museum is only fictional

  7. i wish i would have bin born b4 this war so i could take place in it…..

    i believe…..
    and i always will

  8. this is being made you know (the museum in near bungie)

  9. if the unsc was real and were calling for as many people voluintering for the spartan program,i would be there as soon as i here about it.

  10. to mindglass like the battle of geinossis in star wars e:2?

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