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Oh gods, I can’t feel my FACE.

August 29, 2007

I am feeling sick, so it looks like no posts for a while. Not that I have much of a readership anyways, but still thought you should know. Send get well wishes and sacrifices my way.




August 27, 2007

What can I say about a game with such a superb narrative that I won’t be able to play until I get an intel-based mac or an Xbox 360 (They will be mine. Oh yes. They will be mine.)? I saw the trailer for it a few weeks ago and was so blown away by it, that I did all I could to find some info on it. After all, how many games are there where you WILLINGLY inject gene splicing serum in you so you can freeze, burn, or electrocute the broken and mutated residents of an underwater metropolis that would make Ayn Rand happy to live in?

Bioshock PC Demo via Fileshack [thanks, ectomo!]


I’m Sowwy…

August 27, 2007

Just wanted to express my sincere apologies with not posting so much in the past week. I had decided on a whim to make my weekend trip to the cottage last a full week. So with limited communication resources (and three days worth of clothes) I stayed up north, drank lots of wine, beer, and G&T, and got a LOT of writing done.

To show how sincere I am, here is a result of a google image search that is so cute, it deflects your thoughts of me being insincere with this apology.


Step Right Up…

August 25, 2007


Regina Spektor – Us

August 14, 2007

Milk And Cheese (with an apology)

August 13, 2007

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately folks. I’ve been feeling really under the weather. By way of apology, here’s a funny milk and cheese comic:


America vs. PORNOGRAPHY!!

August 8, 2007

“Perversion for Profit” is a 1965 anti-pornography propaganda film that I think didn’t acomplish the desired effect by showing all the different TYPES of pornography out there (BDSM, leather fetish, foot fetish, trans, gay, lesbian, communism, etc.). All that can be seen in the film is pictures with butt cracks and eyes blocked out with a purple line while George Putnam talks about the dangers of perverts.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch a German woman ride her boyfriend around their bathroom for six minutes.